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                                                                                        Xu ji

Xingyi boxing originated from the Xinyi Liuhe boxing style and formed a unique character of it own. Xingyi boxing came to be well-known as a martial art style after it's creation by Li Luoneng in 1856. Xingyi means to imitate the shape (Xing in Chinese) while fully understand the meaning (Yi in Chinese). It pays much attention to the combination of both inner and outer exercise.

Xingyi boxing uses the YinYang and the five elements theory (Wuxing in Chinese) of Chinese traditional culture to describe the movement regulations. It selects the typical movements from twelve animals (dragon, tiger, monkey, horse, tortoise, chicken, swallow, harrier, snake, camel, eagles, and bear) and combines them with the movements of martial arts forming the twelve basic styles of Xingyi.

The popular fist forms are Wuxing Continuance fist, Xingyi Eight Poses, 12 Hong Chui, Anshen Chui, Xingyi Continuance fist, Wuxing Continuance broadsword, Wuxing Continuance straight sword, Wuxing Continuance staff, Wuxing Continuance staff, complex staff, Xingyi 13 spear, and some rare weapons like horn sword, antler hoe and iron chopsticks etc.

Xingyi boxing is known as one of the excellent Chinese traditional internal styles, emphasizing not only on training the body but crucially also, the mind.


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