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Shi Xing Mi --  Walter Gjergia,

        32nd generation secular disciple of shaolin temple.

        He was born in Italy in 1972,studies kungfu wushu since age 13 and Chan(Zen)philosophy since age 18.Disciple of Grandmaster Shi De Yang,with traditional ceremony in the shaolin temple has been nominated secular monk of the 32nd shaolin generation,monastic name Shi xing Mi.He has spent many study stays in shaolin and is the protagonist of numerous press articles, international teaching events,demostations and documentaries.

    Author of the book'SHAOLIN:a journey,a unique collection of photographs,information and thoughts about shaolin culture.

    Shi xing mi has also achieved a double major university degree,has worked as advisor in various fields, and is among few westerners to have obtained official master certification following examinations held in China.

    After beginning to practice kungfu wushu in 1985 in italy, from the early' 90s, shi xing mi then traveled for almost 15 years, studying in Asia(with many study stays in shaolin)and Australia.During the decade in which he also competed 1987--1997, he achieved wins and placements in numerous national and international championships(forms and combat).Shi xing mi initialty studied the martial arts of shaolin temple and Chan(Zen) philosophy with various masters in China,Australia,Italy and France.

    During one of the study stays in shaolin, Shi xing mi has had the opportunity to meet Grandmaster shi deyang,the master initially accepted him as student, then as direct student, and finally,after years of study and friendship as formal disciple,descendent of the 32nd shaolin worrior monks generation.The rare traditional ceremony,performed in the shaolin temple with elder monks and relatives of the master,formalized the entry in the shaolin gerealogy as a secular monk and the creation of an inscindible bond,considered as that of family.

    In 2004,Shi xing mi founded his first school,shaolin wuseng hou beidui--italy,in Milan,today one of the principal shaolin schools in Europe.

     As well as teaching in the school and at the temple, Shi Xing mi conducts interational seminars,workshops,speeches and demostrations holds periodical lessons at university faculties,cultural centers and other shaolin schools in numerous countries,writes books and articles,manages various shaolin culture projects in Europe and China.


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